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System Parameters

Different companies operate in different ways. Walstan’s philosophy is that the company should not have to change to suit the software; the software should be able to cope with the way the company runs. (Exceptions to this would be changes contrary to proper governance).

To get started, use Demo settings. Discuss these during courses, and you decide if you want to leave them as they are, or change them to suit your environment.

Purchasing System Parameter settings include:

  • Message to print on all purchase orders

  • Text of letter for delivery confirmation request

  • Is new price to be taken from PO price

  • How long to keep history detail

  • Is receiving normally through inspection or direct to inventories

Marketing System Parameter settings include:

  • Is confirmation of picking is required

  • Is partial shipment ever allowed

  • Is over shipment ever allowed

  • Messages to print on sales orders, shipments, invoices, credit notes

  • How long to keep history detail

Accounts Payable System Parameter settings include:

  • Are remittance advices automatically printed for manual cheques?

  • Default trading terms

  • Format of bank EFT file

Accounts Receivable System Parameter settings include:

  • Messages to print on debtors’ statements

  • May an AR item be dated before last statement date

  • Text of follow-up letter

  • Minimum balance to send follow-up letter