Beacon for Business - Managing Manufacturing



 Beacon for Business courses are designed to be run by a tutor, who has good knowledge of the procedures involved.

There are courses on how to use and get the best out of Beacon Software, and courses for each module, and for features which are used by some companies, but not others (e.g. Model Configurator, Batch Traceability).  There are also courses on the Technical side of Beacon, enabling power user to make cosmetic changes, and use Change Control.

They are aimed at educating the people who use (or will use) Beacon, helping them to decide how they can get the best out of Beacon in your company.

They cover basics of each module, through to sophistication which is probably not used at the beginning.  Knowledge of available sophistication may affect decisions taken early on, to make things easy in the long term.

Each chapter in our course notes ends with a series of questions to review the chapter.  Answers to all these questions are found in the last chapter, providing another review at the end of the course.

Course notes are expected used as a refresher each year, as users get more and more out of Beacon.