Beacon for Business - Managing Manufacturing


Data Entry

 All Beacon data entry has the same look and feel, because it all goes through the same parameter-driven data entry process.

From the most simple, such as defining trading terms codes, through to the complexities of sales orders, operation is the same.

They follow common Windows conventions (if you don’t know how to do it, ask your children).

This makes it easy for users, as once they have learned how to use any data entry, they know how to use them all.

Parameters defined for data entry sessions include:

  • file to update

  • permissions (add, delete records)

  • each data entry cell on each tab page:

    • dictionary item ID

    • control type (textbox, combo box, display only, grid, etc)

    • position on form

Cells are loaded onto the form for the data entry process, with standard buttons and menus.

During data entry, each cell may have associated processing, defined on the data dictionary items for the cell, for validation, etc.