Beacon for Business - Managing Manufacturing


Product Brief

Beacon for Business is complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for any businesses serious about running their business to its full potential.

Some software offerings try for completeness with interfaces between disparate systems. Information is isolated into so-called ‘bubbles’, for example a projected stock-on-hand and PO receipts, is not available to sales staff - limiting flow of information and decision making.

Beacon is a fully-featured system for the business of manufacturing, which has evolved over many years. This is a complete system, not mashed together business software from multiple sources and design teams.

Beacon is fully integrated, so everyone in the company is working in the same information repository.

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Records requisitions for material required, through raising, following up, and receipt of goods from suppliers.


Records and tracks prospect and customer activities, setting prices, raising sales orders, authorisation and shipping to customers.

Marketing Model Configurator

Defines the product to supply at order entry time according to user-maintained rules, generating information required for manufacturing.

Stock Control

Records stock movements. Up to date, all the time!

Dynamic Material

Records planned movements, highlighting potential problems.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Explodes the Master Schedule recommending actions required to meet the plan.

Cost Accounting

Collects production costs (material, labour, fixed and variable overheads, and outside processing), and generates variances. All this is posted to General Ledger.

Accounts Payable

Includes matching supplier invoices against receipts, processing sundry invoices (eg phone, rent), and payments to suppliers. Details are posted to General Ledger.

Accounts Receivable

Includes setting credit limits, following up due amounts, and posting receipts. Details are posted to General Ledger.


Includes definition of products, bills of material, bills of resource and bills of operation, building the Master Schedule, raising and processing work orders and accumulating their costs.

Shop Floor Control

Records work through production. Back-flushing may be used, where receipt of finished product raises the issue of material and resource usage.

Resource Planning

Takes planned, or actual work to be done and determines the load on available resources – a rough cut at a capacity plan.

Capacity Planning

Determines projected load on work centres. Reporting highlights where scheduling changes are required to meet planned production or overloads.

Batch Traceability

Tracks all components back to raw material received from suppliers. Raw material is tracked through to all batches where it was used.


Showing LIVE data with customisable dashboard that may be tailored to your requirements.

General Ledger

Defines chart of accounts. Details from other modules are posted. Two budgets per account per period are supported. GL reports are easily exported to Excel.

Fixed Assets

Records the company's assets (including items through purchasing). Book and tax depreciation are defined, and details post to General Ledger.

BeaconSteel Extension

Provides industry leading software for steel processing companies, specifically metal cutting.