Beacon ERP Software

Will your delivery promises be met?

Can you tell customers the current status of work you are doing for them?

When a supplier delivers late, do you know which sales orders are affected?

With Beacon for Business, this absolutely up to date information is at your fingertips.

Ready to use – now

Beacon is a complete and integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system, with great pedigree.  It is delivered “ready-to-use”.  The demo company is a working example.  Gives staff confidence.

Fast, low cost start-up

Our education is aimed at empowering your staff to be more effective, quickly.  Do not hand your company over to an army of consultants.  You stay in charge.


Beacon pricing is per-user per-month.  We have such faith in our system that we do not require a huge up-front fee before you start.  Pay as you go.   No capital outlay.

Simple environment

Beacon’s user interface is Microsoft Windows.  The client/serve architecture operates in the Windows environment. Simplicity means less need for technical support.


Initial use of Beacon provides the solutions you need now.  As these are assimilated, more are needed.  You find even more tools in Beacon, enabling growth with ever increasing efficiencies.

Power to give visibility to your information!